A Little Boont

Check out this short video about Boontling:

Boontling has received worldwide interest as a linguistic phenomenon. A few of the words you might see or hear while in Anderson Valley include: bahl gorms (good food), buckey walter (pay phone), pike (to walk or travel), rookie-to (quail), harp (to talk or speak), horn of zeese (cup of coffee) and Boont (Boonville).

Around the turn of the century, Anderson Valley was a very isolated farming and logging community. To pass the time (and have a little fun at it), the locals began to use self-developed terms. The language originated with the women and children workers in the hopĀ fields and eventually spread to become the spoken word for most valley residents. Today, with most fluent “boonters" in their elder years, the Boonting Club, Historical Society and many local businesses work to keep the language alive. Listed below are some common Boontling Terms:


12340 Hwy 128, Boonville CA
a few of the old timers who speak Boontling fluently

Famous Boontners: Phocian McGimpsey, Luster Bivans, & Jack June.